Juan Ocampo tells us more about the next season

For me, as the main Chef at Tess de Mar, 2018 was a very important year as we have positioned the restaurant on the island. We definitely think that, together with Kairiku, we are a gastronomical referent of south of Mallorca, accomplishing one of our first goals. This new season, that will start on 21st of March, we want to keep growing, to be a referent on the whole Island.

One of our aspirations and also another goal was to be part of the Michelin Guide. It was one of our biggest dreams, but we never imagined that, after only one year of hard work, we would receive this recognition being part of the most important gastronomical guide in the world. That gave us a big push on the dedication and love we put everyday on our restaurant. And that definitely tells us that we are on the right path and that if we keep working hard to give our clients the best we have, we know that at the end, there will be a reward.

This 2019 finds us more mature with more strength and more security in ourselves and with our clients. We want this to be a more dynamic year, with different activities and new things to experience. For us, the product, the way we work with it, it’s freshness, the sea… all this is the starting point to our new proposals. And of course, we will always stay tuned to the latest gastronomic trends.

At Tess de Mar we will keep offering a professional service, with dedication, authenticity and with love. Always with cooks that love to travel with a background full of passion, curiosity, trips and knowledge.

Everybody who visits us at Tess de Mar this new season, will find products from Mallorca, treated with the love of the hands that work day by day with the latest techniques, and experiences from years on the road.